Sian & Robin ~ St Stephen's Trust, London wedding

After shooting Sian and Robin's engagement a few months ago I've been really excited for their wedding. These guys have been together for 9 years - since they met in uni!! I always think relationships that have lasted for this long are pretty damn sweet, you grow so much with each other and in a way become so much like one another. The wedding took place on one fine summer's day at the stunning St Stephen's trust, a deconsecrated church in Hampstead and it was way better than what I had imagined. Check out the photos + feel the love! 

Leigh & Luca ~ York House & Petersham Nurseries, London wedding

What happens when you bring some Brazilians and some Australians over to London for a wedding? Well apparently they bring the sunshine, love and dance moves along with them. Leigh and Luca got married on one of the most perfect days, in the most perfect way possible. They had their ceremony at York House in the morning and took a gondola ride on the Thames to the unbelievably gorgeous Petersham Nurseries for their reception. These two are the warmest people with such massive hearts and so much love for everyone around them, and it's reflected in the love they receive in return. I absolutely loved every second of photographing this special day - I hope you enjoy the photos!

Hanh & Hang ~ Hurlingham Club Wedding, London

A few weeks ago I had the honour of photographing the wedding of the beautiful blogger, Hanh and her new husband, Hang at The Hurlingham Club. The order of the wedding was a little different from the traditional English wedding; Hanh is Vietnamese & Hang is Chinese so they each took a little of their culture's tradition into the wedding- there was a gift giving and tea ceremony in the morning before the actual ceremony which was quite interesting! Hanh had followed the Vietnamese tradition and wore a red dress and hat and I thought she looked absolutely stunning. 

The highlight of the day was Hang's speech, including him serenading his new bride; a sweet surprise to say the least! She cried and she laughed and she cried. It was too adorable. I also want to mention the brilliant bridal party- the groomsmen were super funny and the bridesmaids are just the sweetest girls. I had such a blast photographing everyone!!

Hanh & Hang, thank you for having me along you gorgeous couple! Have fun in Bali (jealous is an understatement) and congratulations!