F & S ~ Wilderness Wood wedding

I'm not allowed to have a favourite wedding but this wedding seriously makes my heart burst. F & S got married at Wilderness Wood- an absolute dream of a venue. F is part Iranian so they incorporated a little Iranian tradition of sprinkling sugar over the couple as a metaphor of making the marriage sweet, which I found adorable. The ceremony was followed by a walk in the woods, loads of good food, speeches that left me in tears and also laughter; a ceilidh and a silent disco where everybody danced into the night.

Also did I mention the talented bride made her own dress? Yes, she hand-sewed the embroidery on her dress! I honestly couldn't have asked for a more perfect couple and day to photograph.

Lise & Phil ~ Royal Geographical Society & The Garden Museum, London wedding

There are many things I loved about Lise & Phil's wedding in London. Without mentioning how stylish these two were, Lise walked down the aisle with her groom because the tradition of a daughter being given away didn't sit quite right with her. She also made a speech and I adored that. The couple doing things their own way on their big day is, in my opinion one of the top priorities - if a certain tradition doesn't appeal to you, leave it out! 

Jenna & Angie ~ London Barbican engagement

As a little celebration of pride month I want to share Jenna & Angie's engagement shoot with you guys! This is actually the first same sex engagement shoot that I've ever done, and as expected, it was as cute as a button. So glad these two chose The Barbican- this place never ceases to give me new surprises, it's definitely one of my favourite places to shoot in London. I can't wait till their wedding in September, man it's gonna be GOOOOOOD!

Sian & Robin ~ St Stephen's Trust, London wedding

After shooting Sian and Robin's engagement a few months ago I've been really excited for their wedding. These guys have been together for 9 years - since they met in uni!! I always think relationships that have lasted for this long are pretty damn sweet, you grow so much with each other and in a way become so much like one another. The wedding took place on one fine summer's day at the stunning St Stephen's trust, a deconsecrated church in Hampstead and it was way better than what I had imagined. Check out the photos + feel the love!