Me & my grumpy boyfriend

Hello! This is me, and the grumpy one behind is my boyfriend Mike. 

Instead of putting you to sleep with my life story I’ll give you some random tidbits about myself. 

I’m Malaysian born, at one point in my life I spoke 4 languages. 

I have been doing photography for the past 11 years, taking photos is as natural to me as breathing. It’s not just weddings that I love shooting, but food and travel photos too. (See my other work here!)

If in doubt, just assume that I’m hungry.

I met my boyfriend in a hostel in Cambodia when I was travelling alone. By far the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I cry at the most stupid things (i.e. when Bing Bong died in the movie ‘Inside Out’ I lost my shit).

I have a BA degree in photography.

I have a broccoli-shaped soft toy that I cuddle to sleep every night.

My favourite movies are Amelie Poulain & Darjeeling Limited.

Sometimes I live in a camper van (see my van-life diaries here).  

I don’t eat egg yolks because when I was little my sister told me I’d get a little chick in my tummy if I did. So I have never eaten one.

So that’s me! It’s so lovely to have you here on my website, feel free to have a browse around and don’t forget to say hello. :)