mina & John

“We're so happy with our photos - thank you so much!!! Love the highlights video, and will start compiling lists of photos to order prints for over the coming weeks. But again, thank you for the photos, and for being so awesome both on the day, and before/after. You really helped contribute to us enjoying our big day, and everyone has been very complimentary about how you captured the mood whilst not interrupting the happiness!”


Sophie & Stephen

"Thanks for being completely brilliant. Not only are you a really talented photographer, you are also a pleasure to be around. Many people remarked on your fun personality and easy manner and it makes a huge difference on a day as personal as this to have someone cheerful and emotionally attuned to the situation. You were also super efficient and got everything very quickly and surreptitiously so we didn't notice. The couple's shoot was actually one of my favourite moments of the day and Stephen - despite being very reluctant - also really enjoyed it, because he could see how relaxed and responsive you were: we were just ourselves and you captured that."

Brighton wedding photographer15.jpg

Jo & Tom

“Ireeeeeeeene!!! You are absolutely incredible! Completely fucking smashed it as I knew you would! We literally love every shot THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! We’ve taken two full hours to look at each individual one, I need thousands more hours with them!”

alternative wedding photography130.jpg

Rebecca & Mark

“The photos are wonderful! Thank you so very much! We waited until two weeks ago to sit down properly together and enjoy them, and wow we really did! We love your eye and the way you captured the shots and on the day you were so skilfully discrete that I had no idea that you were capturing some of them. Also we loved the platform you use to display them online, its so modern and really highlights how the day flowed and the colours running throughout, it really shows off your hard work. And then to receive the USB package was such a treat, we loved the way you packaged it all together, the design and then the surprise print outs too, thank you! We are thoroughly enjoying showing the photos to all our friends and family and singing your praises. We are so so glad you could be a part of our day!”

copse house wedding

Tara & Ben

“Wow the photos came out amazing!! Thanks so so much for capturing all the magic with so many wonderful shots, looking at them literally transported us back to that amazing day and it's so nice seeing all the action and fun people had! Thanks again for everything, you're such a joy to work with and your great work speaks for itself.”


ella & Michael

“We absolutely love the photos!! I'm obsessed with looking at them. They are better than I could ever have hoped for. You really are such a talent. I think you managed to get a photo of every single person there which is quite incredible!!! Everyone has said you you really captured the spirit and joy of the day as well. I cried at a few. Particularly the one of Michael's grandma and dad (Neil) on a walk in the distance holding hands. His grandma has advanced dementia and I don't think she knew what was going on at all but that's such a touching picture of them together, I'm sure Neil will appreciate it. I can't thank you and Mike enough for what you have done for us. They are beautiful and we will treasure them forever.”

London wedding photographer

Ceri & Andrew

“We absolutely love them Irene, I had goosebumps looking through them last night! So many precious memories that have been captured so beautifully. Thank you so much again for all of your time and hard work.”

Soho House wedding

Caroline & Dan

“Irene Yap is the most wonderful wedding photographer! I would highly recommend her to anyone. You don’t even know she is there, but when you get the photos back, you see she was EVERYWHERE!”

alternative wedding photography121.jpg

Milli & Tom

“We spent last night going through the photos (with a couple of drinks, as instructed…!) and wanted to say a HUGE thank you - the photos are really incredible, we absolutely love them! You’ve really captured spirit of the day, and we’re so impressed that you somehow seem to have managed to get a photo of everyone who was there!! The group photos are brilliant, and we particularly loved seeing the photos of the couples shoot (and remembering some of the things that made us laugh so much!). We’ve already shared the photos with our families and a few of our close friends, and they have been unanimous in saying how stunning they are :)”

barbican conservatory wedding

Juliette & Damien

“They are incredibly marvellous!! We are truly so happy, thank you SOOOO much :))))) They are waaaay beyond our expectations! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”

London wedding photographer

Melissa & David

“Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos. You have managed to capture everything. Looking through the photo gallery is just like reliving our fabulous day all over again.There are so many beautiful images, it is difficult to know where to start. You must have been everywhere, yet I can’t remember seeing you. It is lovely seeing all the smiles on our friends and families faces, knowing that they had a wonderful time too. We would love to do it all over again. Thank you so much for capturing our wonderful memories.”

london wedding photographer87.jpg

alice & dave

"Irene...I love them, I don't think I've seen myself laugh and smile so much in my life haha, I'm usually classed as the 'ice queen'!Thanks so so so much for coming all the way up to Yorkshire and taking our wedding pictures. We love every one of them and have laughed and cried and them all. We couldn't be happier to have found you and all from just one picture on Pinterest! Everyone said how you were everywhere on the day and didn't miss a thing, and we can see this from our wonderful pictures, you were so lovely and did more than taking our pictures, you were happy to help with anything! I was so worried when the sun didn't shine on our wedding day but looking at all the pictures it really didn't matter. I honestly am going to struggle to pick just a handful to print out!”

london wedding photographer44.jpg

Alyssa & Simon

"They are absolutely incredible!!!!!! Thank you so so so much!I can't stop looking at all the photos - they are beautiful! You're a magician!"

alternative wedding photographer

alice & adam

"Just amazing Irene! The photos are so wonderful and capture our special day so so perfectly. Thank you so much!! We are both absolutely in love with them and will treasure them forever.”

London wedding photographer

Freda & Michael

We had our engagement and wedding pictures taken by Irene and we were totally blown away by the results. She made some great suggestions in both sessions which resulted in beautiful pictures and memories that we will treasure with our families forever. It makes all of our friends and families so happy looking through the photos (they've had our parents in tears!). Irene is hard working, talented and extremely creative, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her.We are so happy with every picture that she captured for us, and we really appreciate all her efforts in helping us remember our special day. Thank you again Irene!

London wedding photographer

Michelle & Luke

"We have enjoyed the photos every single day and have had so many compliments on them all. You are an incredible artist with an excellent eye and simply the best ever style. Thank you for being the best wedding photographer ever."