Michelle & Luke ~ Hatherden Farm, Hampshire wedding

Michelle & Luke got engaged on a canoe while they were travelling - isn't that the cutest thing ever?!?!? They incorporated their love of travel into their wedding day, there were loads of lovely details as well as a canoe filled with beers from all around the world, and a tuk tuk! One of my favourite parts of this wedding was definitely Michelle's dad's reaction to seeing her daughter in her wedding dress, I might have shred a little tear behind the camera..I'll let the photos tell the story!

*Massive thanks to my friend Josh for helping me out with this wedding!

Jo & James ~ Nymans Gardens & Gildings Barn wedding

One of my favourite things about shooting weddings is witnessing not only the love shared by two people, but also by their family. I've never been very close to my family; by being part of someone's wedding day and watching the little acts of affection between their family it somehow fills a big gap in my heart. Jo & James' wedding was one of those occasions. They were married on one of the coldest day in April, I absolutely froze my ass off but my heart felt warm.

Camilla & Aschwin ~ Norwood Place Farm wedding, Surrey

Hello everyone! So sorry about the lack of updates, I'm still alive if you're wondering. I've been away for a couple of weeks shooting in Montenegro and Cornwall (and catching up on work after that), it's been a rather fun and manic month!

So thrilled to be sharing this wedding with you today! Camilla & Aschwin got hitched last month at Norwood Place Farm. Before the wedding I had a client meeting with Camilla & her mummy Christine at her friend's salon; I remember being sat there eating the cake that Christine had made, chatting to the two ladies while they got their hair done and thinking what a lovely mother & daughter pair they made!

On the wedding day I got to see the same kind of connection and much more, on a much bigger scale. There was the cutest nana Pat, the sweetest pairs of parents, Aschwin's loud and hearty laugh, the usher that seems like the happiest bloke alive, the most easy-going bride, group hugs, a lot of hugs, and one of the most heartfelt speeches I have heard. To top it all off they had a fancy dress party with loads of dancing (and more hugs)!

Camilla & Aschwin, thank you so much for sharing your day with me, it was an absolute pleasure to witness the bond you share together and with your family & friends! 

Laura & John ~ Norman Court Barn wedding, Andover

Last month I second shot Laura & John's wonderful wedding with the awesome Kari. It's pretty much a known fact that she gets the most awesome weddings of all, so I wasn't surprised (ok maybe I was a little) when I walked into a rustic barn decorated with £400 worth of christmas lights...!! It looked insanely good. Laura & John's family had spent the day before the wedding collecting flowers from their own gardens to decorate the venue - again, it looked absolutely stunning. 

When the music begin for Laura to walk down the aisle I had goosebumps all over: it was Holocene by Bon Iver, my favourite song ever. Good music and good vibes carried on for the rest of the day, ending with a pretty epic sunset. Can't really think of a better way to spend a Saturday.