Here is a little collection of images from this year that are not necessarily 'the best', but images that I hold dear and make me smile.

It's probably a little strange to say but I treasure these moments as much as my couples do...when I look back at every frame I remember how I felt at that very moment. Sometimes I have a headache, sometimes my heart is exploding with joy, sometimes I'm cold and tired; sometimes I fear that I'm losing the daylight, and a lot of the time I feel the intensity of my couples' love for each other and their friends and family... and it's a magical thing to experience.

I think there are very few occasions where you're able to see so many aspects of someone's life in a day, and a wedding is one of those rare events. I'm so thankful for all the couples that have welcomed me with open arms and hearts into their most important of days. Being vulnerable isn't easy; especially in front of a stranger, and because you're able to let down your guard I've learned to pour my heart out into creating these images. 

To all the wonderful couples that I've photographed and friends that I've second shot for; thank you for all your kindness, trust, patience and encouragement. It's been quite an overwhelming journey. 

And lastly, to my boyfriend Mike, the love of my life; thank you for keeping me curious, inspired and alive. 

Charlotte & Neil ~ Oak Tree Farm Tipi wedding

On a magical day in the middle of nowhere, two of the loveliest people celebrated their love with their close friends & family. As I was second shooting for Kari I only got to know the Charlotte and Neil on the day of the wedding, but I'm very much in love with the pair of them. Charlotte is the kind of girl who...well, before the wedding a bird shat on her dress. She laughed it off, saying that it's good luck. From what I've seen at the wedding they share the most tender yet intense kind of love, and I'm grateful to have been able to witness it. 

Kitty & Pun ~ London pre-wedding

Two weeks ago Kitty & Pun flew in from Hong Kong and we had a lovely day exploring and shooting around London. I was so over the moon that they agreed to shoot at the Barbican Centre and Shoreditch; I have always wanted to shoot at those two unusual places as they make the perfect backdrop. Kitty & Pun- it was a pleasure shooting you guys, wishing you all the best with the wedding in Hong Kong! 

Jo & James ~ Nymans Gardens & Gildings Barn wedding

One of my favourite things about shooting weddings is witnessing not only the love shared by two people, but also by their family. I've never been very close to my family; by being part of someone's wedding day and watching the little acts of affection between their family it somehow fills a big gap in my heart. Jo & James' wedding was one of those occasions. They were married on one of the coldest day in April, I absolutely froze my ass off but my heart felt warm.