Yasmeen & Dan ~ Grove House wedding, London

Yasmeen & Dan's wedding is the first Pakistani/English wedding that I've shot and I'm so excited to share it here! I've always admired the rich colours and crazy details involved in Asian weddings; when I walked into Yasmeen's room in the morning of the wedding day my jaw literally dropped. She was already in her wedding dress and ohmygodddddd it was unreal! Dan doesn't look too bad himself in the sherwani that he'd designed himself (what a genius!!).

The wedding took place at the gorgeous Grove House in London and we couldn't have asked for better weather. I was sat with Yasmeen's old housemates for the wedding breakfast and those guys know how to have a laugh and a good time... :p Dan had mentioned a few times that he was dreading the first dance, but when it came time for him to take his new bride on to the dance floor he was anything but shy. After a minute of traditional slow dancing, the music suddenly changed to Pakistani-style (not sure on the proper term, sorry!) and Dan and Yasmeen started throwing their arms and legs about and it was amazing! It was a great surprise and everyone loved it. 

Congratulations Yas & Dan, you guys are rather awesome and I'm so glad to witness and be a part of your wedding day!!!