Ben & Yin ~ House party wedding, Ascot

This was one of the most eventful, heartfelt and hilarious weddings that I’ve ever shot. Ben & Yin are two incredibly creative people - they held their wedding at a gorgeous Airbnb mansion and designed and made almost everything themselves with some help from their friends and family. There were so many firsts at this wedding - I had my first bouncy castle experience, it was the first time the bride & groom have swapped clothes, the first time the first dance was this exact dance from Toy Story (it was ridiculously awesome), and also the first time a bride has fallen into the pool in her dress, hahaha. It’s hard to list everything that happened at this wedding, but they basically had the best house party and I had so much fun catching all the shenanigans on camera!

Monika & Adam ~ Smallfield Place wedding, Surrey

Adam & Monika tied the knot on a fine Saturday afternoon at St Luke's church, followed by their reception at the gorgeous Smallfield Place in Surrey. When I met this sweet couple last year they'd told me they wanted the themed to be based on the movie 'Up', and I had been really excited to see how they would incorporate the elements of this lovely movie into their wedding. I couldn't stop smiling when I saw that they'd filled the room with balloons along with other little details like the postbox and 'adventure book', and most of all the super adorable balloon cake!

Adam and Monika, I feel so honoured to be a part of your beautiful wedding! Congratulations and I hope you'll grow old and stay sweet together like Carl and Ellie in the movie :)