Laura & John ~ Norman Court Barn wedding, Andover

Last month I second shot Laura & John's wonderful wedding with the awesome Kari. It's pretty much a known fact that she gets the most awesome weddings of all, so I wasn't surprised (ok maybe I was a little) when I walked into a rustic barn decorated with £400 worth of christmas lights...!! It looked insanely good. Laura & John's family had spent the day before the wedding collecting flowers from their own gardens to decorate the venue - again, it looked absolutely stunning. 

When the music begin for Laura to walk down the aisle I had goosebumps all over: it was Holocene by Bon Iver, my favourite song ever. Good music and good vibes carried on for the rest of the day, ending with a pretty epic sunset. Can't really think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

Jane & Jin ~ Lauderdale House wedding, London

Hi everybody! Hope you guys are having/have had an lovely weekend. I just got back from London not long ago from a weekend of shooting an awesome (and reaaaaally long) wedding with Kari; my feet are totally dead and I'm super tired, but I cannot wait till tomorrow to blog this wedding!!!

Jane and Jin got married two weeks ago at Lauderdale House in London. Many of their friends flew in from various countries so Jane rented a gorgeous house on Airbnb to accommodate some of them and provide a lovely venue to get ready in during the morning. Man, I can't think of a better place for bridal prep. The place was so tastefully decorated and I was totally spoilt with spots for photographs! (you can tell by the various places I had used for the bouquet...I couldn't make up my mind). Jane looked SO stunning and she was so grateful for everybody's help she kept thanking everybody; at that point I pretty much just wanted to put her in my pocket. 

Jin is Chinese and Jane is half Japanese half English, so they brought in elements from their cultures when it came to decorating the venue. The theme was 'tea'- loads of teapots were used as vases for flowers, and colourful Japanese patterns echoed throughout. The whole day was filled with so much love from their friends & family, and it fully reflects how lovable these two are. 

Jane and Jin, thank you for giving me the great pleasure of shooting your wedding and making me feel so welcome into the party. It is no joke to say that I'm sad your wedding is over, but I know the love that you both share will never be. 

(If you like the styling of this wedding- then great news! Jane & one of her bridesmaids, Susi, has started their own event styling company. Click here to check out their awesome work!!)