David & Melanie ~ Brighton engagement

I was literally dancing on my chair when David & Melanie said they would come down to Brighton for their engagement shoot. I've lived in Brighton for over a year now but funnily most my clients are based in London so I've never shot in Brighton before. It was a glorious summer's day with a light mist covering the horizon of the sea, and we had timed the shoot to catch the sunset. Also this is the first time a client cried at her engagement shoot...(Melanie laughed so hard she started crying..ahaha). Just a perfect evening...

Brighton at sunset

I've always wanted to live near the water. The English shore is of course very different from the paradises of SE Asia, but has its own unique charms. During the sun's descent beyond the horizon the sky is emblazoned with a melting pot of colour with baby blues changing gradually through the lightest of greens to an intense burnt-orange. 

As the sea retreats at low tide the stone pebbled beach marches forward, creating a isolated band of water left isolated from the main body of the sea. Here the fading light plays upon the surface, pastel pinks and reds laying upon the surface in a blanket. The beauty of this place is matched only by the surprise of finding it. 

Sometimes you just have to make your dreams a reality.