Clare & Chris ~ Kenwood House, London engagement

Last Friday I headed to London to photograph Clare & Chris' engagement- I was given their address as they wanted some photos taken at their home. I knew their house was around Highgate, which is where I went to secondary school, but had no idea it was literally two doors down from my school. I hadn't been back since I finished school five years ago; as I walked pass the beautiful main entrance of the school I very nearly broke into tears. I stood still for a few minutes. The shadow of that little Chinese girl in her oversized green blazer and kilt down to her shins had never disappeared. This is the place where I learned to speak English, where I learned to paint, where I learned it's okay to eat lunch alone, where I picked up my first camera. And there I was ten years later, still small, but everything else has changed except I still take photos.

I had a wonderful session with Clare & Chris, we walked around Kenwood House (where part of Notting Hill was filmed!) and ended up in their favourite pub. Autumn just has the most incredible colours and I absolutely loved photographing these two lovebirds. Clare was Malaysian too and it's so lovely to meet someone from home!

On the way back I was listening to this song by Ed Sheeran. I reflected on high school, all the tough days & nights where sometimes I'd cry myself to sleep; and how that'd shaped me, and thought of what I just did for this couple. I felt so thankful.

We keep this love in this photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Our hearts were never broken
Times forever frozen still