Here is a little collection of images from this year that are not necessarily 'the best', but images that I hold dear and make me smile.

It's probably a little strange to say but I treasure these moments as much as my couples do...when I look back at every frame I remember how I felt at that very moment. Sometimes I have a headache, sometimes my heart is exploding with joy, sometimes I'm cold and tired; sometimes I fear that I'm losing the daylight, and a lot of the time I feel the intensity of my couples' love for each other and their friends and family... and it's a magical thing to experience.

I think there are very few occasions where you're able to see so many aspects of someone's life in a day, and a wedding is one of those rare events. I'm so thankful for all the couples that have welcomed me with open arms and hearts into their most important of days. Being vulnerable isn't easy; especially in front of a stranger, and because you're able to let down your guard I've learned to pour my heart out into creating these images. 

To all the wonderful couples that I've photographed and friends that I've second shot for; thank you for all your kindness, trust, patience and encouragement. It's been quite an overwhelming journey. 

And lastly, to my boyfriend Mike, the love of my life; thank you for keeping me curious, inspired and alive. 

Monika & Adam ~ Smallfield Place wedding, Surrey

Adam & Monika tied the knot on a fine Saturday afternoon at St Luke's church, followed by their reception at the gorgeous Smallfield Place in Surrey. When I met this sweet couple last year they'd told me they wanted the themed to be based on the movie 'Up', and I had been really excited to see how they would incorporate the elements of this lovely movie into their wedding. I couldn't stop smiling when I saw that they'd filled the room with balloons along with other little details like the postbox and 'adventure book', and most of all the super adorable balloon cake!

Adam and Monika, I feel so honoured to be a part of your beautiful wedding! Congratulations and I hope you'll grow old and stay sweet together like Carl and Ellie in the movie :) 

Louise & Joe~ St Paul's & Landmark Arts Centre, London

Hellooooo, I'm still alive! Sorry about the lack of update, I'm been all over the place- from Malaysia to Cambodia, then Shanghai, then Thailand and back to Malaysia. It's been pretty awesome to say the least, I'll upload some travel photos when I get back to England in February!

I've been wanting to share this awesome St Paul's wedding of Louise and Joe for a while. Lee had told me I'd be second shooting this wedding many months ago, and the excitement had been building up like crazy- not only is St Paul's a pretty insane venue, the reception was taking place at the Landmark Arts Centre at Teddington...I'll let the photos do the talking. Needless to say the day was nothing short of perfect: a sweet and beautiful couple, stunning venues and some crazy dance moves...

Hollie & Tom ~ Boreham house, Essex

I wanted to blog the wedding of Hollie and Tom that I shot with Kari before leaving for Malaysia tomorrow! I'm going to be away for three and a half months, but I'll still be updating the blog so do keep an eye out :)

Hollie & Tom got married on a beautiful sunny day in Boreham House, Essex back in September. I shot quite a few couples this summer who have been with each other in long relationships; Hollie and Tom were among them. I remember Tom saying that he had always knew she was the one, the wedding is just to make it legal. JUST. SO. SWEET!!!!! Lots of childhood friends were present; they had an outdoor speech with lots of laughter and tears- it was simply amazing to witness the really close connection between these two and their family & friends. 

Thank you so much Hollie and Tom, for the awesome day and for being so adorable together. And Kari- I miss working with you already! Till next year :( x