Yi-Jun & John ~ London engagement

To me, a perfect shoot day is getting a coffee, wandering around town and laughing with my couple. We did exactly that in the first half of Yi-Jun & John's engagement shoot...it was freezing on that day but these two troopers braved the English weather to hang out with me. I can't wait till the summer session!!! 

Maxi & Hao ~ Couple session in Paris & London

I was doing some minor changes on my website and I realised this blogpost has been lying in the draft section for a good few months!! :O Maxi's boyfriend, Hao, flew all the way from China to visit her after she finished her final year in Nottingham uni. We had an awesome day showing Hao around London, and the next day I was in Paris with them for 30 hours before flying back to England and then Malta...it was pretty manic but shooting + travelling?! Not complaining.