Privacy policy


If you are unfortunate enough to have found yourself on this page you have either clicked the wrong link (the galleries are back thataway…) or you have an intense interest in data protection. In which case you are probably already informed about (or at least more informed than me) the G.D.P.R., making this page a little superfluous. But hey, ho, onward…

I won’t waste your time telling you what this grand acronym stands for (I do know, honest) - Google can do this. But as far as I or anyone else can tell it means I now need to do a few seemingly unnecessary things in order to fulfill the requirements of the I.C.O. – you know THE ICO, that fantastic regulatory body we had all definitely heard of before all of these shenanigans.

Personal Data

I will ask you your name because that is how we humans have decided to talk to one another.

Your email will also be handy as my carrier pigeon is getting a bit old now and doesn’t like the cold weather. I will hang on to this for a couple of years after shooting your wedding as it allows me to contact you with any important info regarding things like galleries expiring etc. If you don’t want to hear anything from me ever again I am happy (but sad) to delete your email from my database.

A mobile number, allowing me to contact you on the day of the wedding would also be swell.

Last but not least, your address allows me to send you awesome goodies like the photos you’ve paid me to take.

All of this DATA (it’s not personal info anymore, apparently) is collected through the contact form on my website. It arrives in my password-protected email inbox on my password-protected computer (and I’m Asian, meaning my passwords are the bee’s knees).

None of this data gets passed on to any third parties. I do not send out newsletters or any other promo material because, well, I’m a photographer, not a social media, vlogging marketing wizard.

On the contact form, there is a box that you need to tick, giving me permission to collect the info that you have yourself just filled in for that exact reason.

I hear that Starbucks has introduced a similar box to enable them to safely collect your name before writing it on the side of a coffee cup…


Once I have shot your wedding (assuming all relevant boxes have been ticked and data collected) I will have thousands of pictures of you, your family and your friends. Because I am a normal human being I promise not to do anything weird with them. You won’t pick up a magazine in the dentist’s office and see yourself advertising dog food, for example.

As you probably know, wedding blogs are a great way for me to advertise my business. So I may well ask you if it’s ok for me to submit your wedding to be featured on one. You can of course tell me to get stuffed and that’s just fine. I will always ask first and never send images to a blog without your express permission. 

The images I shoot may also get used on my personal website, Facebook and Instagram as my portfolio. Without these avenues, lovely people such as yourselves would be unable to find me and my business would go the way of the dodo. But if you're not comfortable with having your face on the internet, whether this is because you're a bit shy or that you are a super secret agent then you can just tell me and I won’t post it.

In summation: I am a fairly normal human being who doesn’t have any nefarious plans for you or your photos. If at any point you don’t like the sound of something, drop me a line and we can talk about it like real people.