Hollie & Tom ~ Boreham house, Essex

I wanted to blog the wedding of Hollie and Tom that I shot with Kari before leaving for Malaysia tomorrow! I'm going to be away for three and a half months, but I'll still be updating the blog so do keep an eye out :)

Hollie & Tom got married on a beautiful sunny day in Boreham House, Essex back in September. I shot quite a few couples this summer who have been with each other in long relationships; Hollie and Tom were among them. I remember Tom saying that he had always knew she was the one, the wedding is just to make it legal. JUST. SO. SWEET!!!!! Lots of childhood friends were present; they had an outdoor speech with lots of laughter and tears- it was simply amazing to witness the really close connection between these two and their family & friends. 

Thank you so much Hollie and Tom, for the awesome day and for being so adorable together. And Kari- I miss working with you already! Till next year :( x