I know I probably say this every year but I don't think I've known any year that has gone as quickly as this one. This year is rather special because it marks ten years since I picked up my first digital SLR..and I love it as much as I ever did. I think if I could time travel to the past and tell my 16 year old self this is the journey that my little canon 400D was taking me on, my young self would have laughed in my face. Umm you mean making a living doing what I love the most...? I don't think so!!! 

And of course none of this would happen without my couples. To say that I am grateful is a bit of an understatement, and thank you is not quite enough. But my vocabulary is limited so it will have to do for now. To all my wonderful couples, whether you're past, present or future; thank you, and thank you. You may not realise it but this isn't merely a job of mine, it's also where I learn to experience and celebrate life through your life...the amount of goodness, happiness and love that I've felt in every single wedding that I have shot cannot be put into words; I can only hope they bleed into my work. 

Below are images of some my favourite moments from this year. As much as I love an epic sunset and the perfect creative shot, there is nothing quite like belly laughs, tears of joy and moments caught off guard.. Big love to you all, have a wonderful Christmas & New Years!!!

Sophie & Phil ~ Christ Church College, Oxford wedding

Sophie & Phil were married in the college where they first met, surrounded by just 20 of their closest friends and family, who all share some really special memories with them. I adored following these guys around, photographing all the spots that hold little bits of history in their relationship, and seeing the pure joy radiating from them. What a sweet little wedding to start my year with! 

Alyssa & Simon ~ Haymarket Hotel, London winter wedding

I think we somehow started talking about poo/periods at Alyssa & Simon's initial client meeting (I don't know, don't ask me). I expected to never hear back....but when these guys went ahead and booked me I knew they're probably a good laugh and as weird as I am. As it turns out, they're also two of the lovelist people and know how to throw an awesome party. With this being the last wedding of 2016 the bar has been set very high for next year!!! 

*A big thank you to my friend Kari for helping me out at this wedding!

Lisa & Lee ~ Gaynes Park Essex wedding

After having three and a half months off in SE Asia I was beyond thrilled to get back to work; top on the list was to photograph Lisa & Lee's wedding at the beautiful Gaynes Park which took place on Valentine's day! It was a cold and grey day- typical English winter but thank God the awesome bride & groom and their guests weren't letting the weather affect the big day. Having landed two days before the wedding I was still jet lagged, but I enjoyed shooting these guys so much I didn't realise how tired I was until I got home and collapsed in bed.

Lisa & Lee, thank you for the wonderful day, I feel honoured to witness the love between you two and your family & friends!