Vicky & Gordon ~ Country Garden wedding

Heyyyy guys, so sorry I've been absolutely rubbish at this blogging thing!! I'm travelling a lot this year, hence the lack of updates but I promise there will be more blogposts coming soon.

So to start here is Vicky & Gordon's garden wedding that I shot last August. This lovely couple got hitched at Gordon's auntie's stunning country house with the ceremony at a church 10 mins up the road. I really enjoyed photographing the entire day, but one of my favourite parts was definitely a surprise game of 'pass the parcel' that Gordon had organised for his bride to play in the morning. Each layer revealed a special gift - sparklers and pack of tissues for the bridesmaids, Jimmy Choo sneakers, a diamond necklace and a tear-inducing letter for Vicky..needless to say I was crying behind my camera. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking!!

*Huge thank you to my friend Ahmani for second shooting this wedding with me!


I know I probably say this every year but I don't think I've known any year that has gone as quickly as this one. This year is rather special because it marks ten years since I picked up my first digital SLR..and I love it as much as I ever did. I think if I could time travel to the past and tell my 16 year old self this is the journey that my little canon 400D was taking me on, my young self would have laughed in my face. Umm you mean making a living doing what I love the most...? I don't think so!!! 

And of course none of this would happen without my couples. To say that I am grateful is a bit of an understatement, and thank you is not quite enough. But my vocabulary is limited so it will have to do for now. To all my wonderful couples, whether you're past, present or future; thank you, and thank you. You may not realise it but this isn't merely a job of mine, it's also where I learn to experience and celebrate life through your life...the amount of goodness, happiness and love that I've felt in every single wedding that I have shot cannot be put into words; I can only hope they bleed into my work. 

Below are images of some my favourite moments from this year. As much as I love an epic sunset and the perfect creative shot, there is nothing quite like belly laughs, tears of joy and moments caught off guard.. Big love to you all, have a wonderful Christmas & New Years!!!

Sarah & Danny ~ A back garden wedding, Kent

Hello! So I'm back home and have found a little place in Brighton to settle down again :) 
The wedding season doesn't start for me until the next month, so I'll be blogging a couple of weddings that I shot over last summer. 

I really loved Sarah & Danny's wedding that I shot with Nichola back in July. Sarah and Danny are high school sweethearts - they have been together for 14 years. FOURTEEN YEARS! It's pretty inspiring to see two people staying so deeply in love with each other for about half of their lives. This is one of the many reasons why I absolutely love shooting weddings- I get to see all kinds of relationship; whether it's two old lovebirds that have finally got round to tying the knot or a young couple that are still in the spring of their relationship, or a mix or both. We're all celebrating the universal language of love. 

Elen & Paul ~ Kent garden marquee-wedding

I was really excited to shoot Elen & Paul's wedding with Kari as she'd told me they were the crazy, fun couple that braved the Icelandic weather for their engagement shoot. If you can be up for a shoot and still have fun in such extreme weather (there was a snow storm...) you must be a pretty awesome human being!

And yep, it was an amazing day. After the ceremony in a beautiful church in Tenterden, Elen & Paul had their reception at a friend's garden. Paul is half Scottish/half Czech so they had a Ceilidh after the first dance- I have never seen so many people on the dance floor at a wedding! On top of that his mum's side of the family had come all the way from Czech Republic by bus with a ridiculous amount of alcohol...

All in all a great occasion filled with awesome people who really knew how to have a good time!