Chloe & Will ~ Widcombe Grange, Somerset wedding

You can spend as long as you like planning a wedding, down to each meticulous detail. However, here in England the sky can cloud over in an instant and dump a year's worth of rain on your special day. It would be easy to despair as you watch your dream summer wedding flow down the drain. Or you can be like these two total rockstars, Chloe & Will...

A little bit of rain was never going to dampen their spirits. Shit doesn't always go as you planned, and this is a masterclass on how to get on with it and have (even more) fun with rain on your wedding day!

Angie & Jenna ~ Buxted Park Hotel wedding

I remember it was about this time last year that I shared Angie & Jenna's engagement shoot on the blog. I'm super thrilled to be sharing their wedding with you guys today- again, in celebration of pride month!!! These two are one of the most in-love couples I've ever met and their happiness is just infectious. Their big day, set in the lovely Buxted Park Hotel, was filled with many happy tears and even more laughter despite the torrential downpour in the afternoon. Look out for the evening shots showcasing some gorgeous golden light!

* A massive thank you to my badass friend Jessica for second shooting this wedding with me and looking after my wounded leg!

Alice & Adam ~ West Sussex farm wedding

If you follow my blog you might remember this engagement shoot where I came home 4 hours later than intended. Well, those two wonderful humans got hitched at Alice's grandma's farm last September and it was all sorts of wonderful. There was no formal sit down meal but a hog roast instead, kegs of beer, farm games, a pizza van and an awesome band. It's on days like this when I think it's bananas that this is my job. 

Van life Couples

Following on from my previous post about van life, here are some of the awesome couples that we met along our journey. I did a mini shoot with each of them because I really missed shooting couples and also because they were all so damn cute it was hard not to. 

All six of them have a few things in common- they're all (amazing) musicians/artists, Dutch, van lifers and are all bloody fun and lovable. Feel free to click on their names to check out their music or follow their journey! 

Anne & Arnan