2018 has been a year of adventures and discoveries.

I’ve taken 10 months off work to travel and live a nomadic life, and in the remaining 2 I shot some really awesome weddings. Taking most of the year off has been something that I’ve wanted to do for a while; not because I’m tired of shooting weddings but because I wanted to experience more of the world and see how far I can push myself. It was incredibly difficult to turn down loads of lovely sounding clients in order to be able to take the time off, but I knew what my heart desired. In this time I’ve managed to live with only the bare necessities in a van, bury my feet in the soft sand of Sahara Desert, put myself in the midst of the most chaotic traffic in New Delhi, stand under a rain of cherry blossom petals in Kyoto, swim with sea turtles in the Gili islands, sit for hours under the actual Bodhi tree where the Buddha attained enlightenment, drive through the wilderness of the Isle of Skye and watch bodies being cremated by the Ganges.

I’ll admit that it hasn’t all been glamorous and I’ve felt lost and experienced frustration like I never have before. Long term travel isn’t for everyone and sometimes your sense of self and purpose gets lost along the way. And at times the journey shines a light on the darkness in you, causing a less pleasant side of your personality to emerge. But as I sat down in my new home at the end of the year and reflected on every step I’ve taken, I felt a strange sense of relief, of belonging; and most importantly I felt at peace with myself more than ever. I’m an ever transforming little flame and I don’t have to be defined.

I read this really simple but lovely poem somewhere and I feel that it resonates with my journey this year, so here it is -

‘think of those flower you plant
in the garden each year
they will teach you
that people too
must wilt
in order to bloom’
~ Rupi Kaur

So in this 2018 post you’ll find not only wedding photos but also a mix of travel photos because that’s what I spent the majority of my time doing.

All that rambling aside, I wanted to say a massive thank you to all my really lovely couples who have welcomed me with open arms to photograph your wedding/engagement; and for trusting me and giving me the freedom to create images that I love. I know I say the same thing all the time but honestly there is no other ‘job’ in this world I’d rather be doing. I always feel incredibly privileged to be able to share a small, but very happy and important part of your lives with you. Thanks for all the belly laughs and good times.

And lastly, to Mike, my love and my universe. Thank you for literally carrying me through the year. I’m immensely proud of you for starting your own videography business, I’ll always be your harshest critic and your biggest fan.

2019 I’m excited to see where you take me!