I've always wanted to do the 'a year in review thing' but I'm always away during the end of year and I never get around to it! This year has been pretty special for me so I want to make sure I have it written down somewhere if only to remind myself.

Of the last 12 months I have spent 7 of them in England enjoying work and the other 5 months travelling to 10 different countries: China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Montenegro, Croatia, Sweden, France, Switzerland, and all over Italy. On the 1st of January this year I was walking arm in arm with my best friend down the streets of Shanghai; that was a pretty good start. When I got back to England I moved to Brighton and absolutely loved the place and my awesome housemates. This is my first proper year in business, I shot and second shot a whole bunch of weddings and adored every pair of clients (considering how many bridezilla horror stories I have heard, having zero of them is a big achievement!). I also shot multiple times for Bill's restaurant and can't even begin to tell how much I love working with our team. I'm writing this as I'm sat in a farm house in Sicily; I have promised myself I would spend New Years in a different country every year and this is the third year I've managed to keep up my little tradition. Last but not least I'm dating the greatest young man I know and I learn a little of everything from him every single day.

Unfortunately I'm travelling and a lot of photos are on my hard drive in England, but here is the brief year in review in photos. As I was culling through the photos I'm filled with so much gratitude; I'm so thankful for all the couples that have had me along on their wedding day. I get to witness a ridiculous amount of happiness and my heart feels so contented.