It has been said many times that in this digital age it's important to print your photos. It's a completely different experience to have the album or print in your hand, to flick the pages and feel the paper rather than looking at it on a screen. I'm more than happy for my clients to print their own photos - but it's very important to choose a good printer. I spend ages editing the photos to achieve the desired colours, using a bad printer could ruin the hours of work I've put into post production. 

I provide my clients with the option of ordering high quality prints from their private gallery, and also these fine art albums. They are extras that you can add on whenever you like. If you decided you wanted an album after two years you can still come back to me and we can put something together. Each album is carefully designed and laid out by me, and handmade in Europe by passionate bookmakers. These high quality albums are made to last and are absolutely beautiful, they also come with a box. You have the choice of choosing different sizes and colours. Prices start from £400 for a 8x8" album, please contact me for more information!